10 Ways to Drive Website Traffic to Your Site

10 Ways to Drive Website Traffic to Your Site

More customers, is perhaps what every business owner and marketer needs. Second to customers, marketers and business owners need more website traffic to their websites. Unfortunately, they tend to believe that it’s too difficult because of the simple mistakes they make. Now, if you are one such business owner, here are ten ways you can drive a lot of website traffic to your site and increase your sales.

1. Advertise:

Too obvious to mention, advertising whether it’s paid search, display advertising or social media advertising, is an excellent way to attract visitors, build your brand and ultimately put your site in front of your current customers as well as potential customers. All you need is to adjust your strategies to match your goals so as to increase both traffic and conversations.

However, you must choose carefully the channel you want to use because each paid channel has its benefits and setbacks.

2. Focus on long-tail keywords:

The days when single keywords for search engines were ideal are long gone. Therefore switch your focus to ensure your keywords include all relevant terms and phrases that relate to your topic.

3. Get Social:

Don’t just think that people will get the content you produce – you need to be proactive. Social media is one of the best ways available to drive more traffic to your website and promote your content. You can use Twitter for short, succinct links, and Google+ promotion for personalized search results. Pinterest and Instagram on the other hand best suit you if your company produces B2C products.

4. Create a forum on your website:

Creating an active forum on your site can quickly start to rank for long-tail keywords. Besides, active forums are excellent ways to reduce the bounce rate of your site, increase time-on-site and build a community.

5. Start a Facebook group to drive website traffic to you site:

Starting a niche-specific group where Facebook users can ask questions and get answers as well as support is another great way to drive heavy traffic to your site.

6. Write Catchy Headlines:

Headlines make an important part of your content. Without an enthralling and captivating headline, even your most comprehensive blog post won’t be read. You should master the art of making riveting headlines to catch the attention of any potential visitor.

7. Concentrate on the On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

If you have the feeling that your SEO is dead, you need to rethink. Optimizing the content that you post for search engines remains a worthwhile and valuable practice. On-page SEO is easy to make, and it boosts your organic traffic beyond your imagination.

8. Start Guest Blogging:

True guest blogging is not dead, despite what you hear from most people. You should, therefore, secure a guest post on a reliable and trustworthy site to drive more traffic blog into your site and help you to build your brand into the bargain.

However, you must be cautious because the standards for guest blogging have radically changed over the past two years – any spam tactic will result in substantial penalties.

9. Post more frequently:

Posting high-quality posts regularly increase blog traffic. You can identify your magic number and commit yourself to see it through. Keep in mind that in most cases, the traffic changes you observe from blogging are scalable.

10. Focus your energy on working strategies:

You don’t need to focus on what others are doing: analyze your strategies so that you can see what drives your traffic and pay more attention to such areas.

In Conclusion, These ten are not the only ways to drive traffic to your website – there are many other ways you can use. All you need is to research more and more.

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