11 Proven and Tested Strategies to increase Your Blog’s Traffic By Over 150%.

11 Proven and Tested Strategies to increase Your Blog's Traffic By Over 150%.

Isn’t it pleasing to the eye looking at your stats and discover the number of followers who viewed your blog? Blogs are created to share with others, so when your stats are only showing your page views, then you need to make some modifications. You can’t just expect search engines to drive traffic to your blog. Blog marketing must be done for a blog to get noticed.

Don’t get me wrong – search engines are powerful when it comes to bringing in traffic, but the work involved to that is an entire business altogether; there’s a name for it: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So search engines aside, there are many different ways to market a blog. It would be silly to have a public blog that no one can ever see, right? Here are some useful tips on how to increase your blog traffic.

1. Join Blog Networks.

A blog network is an online community comprised of bloggers. Through online community activities, bloggers can swap links, talk about prospects and give ideas on how to support each other with blogging matters. Being active in a blog network helps increase visibility for your blog. Community members actively support each other on their blogs especially if they belong to the same genre.

2. Use Share Buttons.

Give your readers the opportunity to share your blog posts easily by adding social sharing buttons. These buttons allow users to share your blog link to other networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Delicious and StumbleUpon with just a single click!

3. Set Up Your Facebook Page.

Put a link on your blog to a Facebook page so that you will attract more visitors. Several people open their Facebook account now and then. What is the probability of seeing your blog as often as possible? Once your Facebook page is set up, you can send your readers updates on new blog posts, so they are reminded to drop by your blog more often.

4. Create Your ‘SIGGY.’

A signature block, better known as ‘siggy’ is a block of text automatically inserted at the bottom of a letter. Even if it’s uncalled for, I would still say that it’s a vital tool to use for the popularity of your blog. Add a text link of your website in a siggy to get more visitors to your blog.

5. Forum Marketing.

Forum marketing is fun and easy to many blogging beginners because all you need to do is chat in an online forum. Register an account and include a link to your blog in your signature. You might get some traffic if you often reply to the members’ post. But if you are interested in more traffic, learn to start a new topic. Start an interesting topic with an attractive title. If your topic draws people’s attention and replies, people would like to check out your blog to see anything more from you.

6. Create Significant Comments.

Make sure you give meaningful comments on fellow bloggers’ blog posts. Fill out the comment form with your blog address. But don’t just leave a link to your blog or write some random praise. The opinion of their readers are very precious to bloggers, so take the time to read the entire post before you give feedback on the comment section. The owner of the blog and its followers would immediately discover the path to your blog site.

7. Guest Blog.

Volunteer to make an article on other blogs for you to be noticed. Guest posting is a very usual practice amongst bloggers to share popularity and produce more successful blogs. An article you write for another blog will be promoted by its host and read by its followers. In turn, a link back to your blog will be visible, so readers are also directed to your blog.

8. Make Some Noise About Your Blog.

At the end of the day, self-promotion is what matters most. Go and advertise your blog as often as you can – cascade it to your friends, on Facebook, even on media campaigns. Some people even write their blog address on a business card! Make some cyber noise and let others know about your blog.

9. Consider Offering Free Reports and Free Content.

An efficient and low-cost way of increasing your web traffic is to giveaway reports that include your website URL. Write valuable, short reports that include your website link and offer them for free on a website where you ask visitors for their name and email address before they can download the report. Giving away this report that advertises your website link will increase visitors and also build your list.

10. Article Marketing: This Is My Favorite.

This traffic strategy doesn’t take months. You could start getting traffic from Article Marketing within days. All you need to do is write articles your targeted visitors want to read. Submit those articles you wrote to 5 popular article directories. You could start getting some traffic within a week and automated traffic over the years.

11. Publish Your Newsletter.

You can offer free tips, advice, and content when you have your newsletter. Your regular newsletter should contain links to your website. As long as your newsletter is informative, with useful advice, your readers will be prompted to visit your site.

Generating blog traffic is not an easy task, but in the long run, everything is worth doing because your blog would turn out to be a hit!

Is there any traffic strategies that have worked out for you that i didn’t mention?


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