14 Online Marketing Tools You Need For Your New Or Existing Business

14 Online Marketing Tools You Need For Your New Or Existing Business

Whether what you have is a small business or an already established venture which is relatively large, you should know that you can never be devoid of competition.

As money is said to make the world go around, competition is that which makes the world of business keep revolving around its axis, and the best you can do is just try to stay ahead of this competition.

In the United States of America alone, there are 28 million small business, not looking at the figures that we have for medium and large scale enterprises, and this shows you why you need that unique edge to stay ahead of the pack at every step of the way.
Gone are the days when a business can only sell locally.

The advent of the internet and growth of ecommerce has made it possible that a business is not defined and enclosed by the four walls of its present location, but it can traverse seas and continents.

In light of this, it becomes important that a business have the right tools to capture the online/ internet aspects of its business. To do this effectively, you need some marketing tools, and that is what we are going to talk about today.


You have probably done your research well before you started out your business, and you don’t need us telling you what B2B and B2C companies are.

If you are then aware of the kind of status that these have in the market, you should know that email marketing is one of the best ways to get ahead if these people can also use it.

According to research, more than 80% of these companies use email marketing to grow their brands and MailChimp is one of the best sources for you to start from.

They already have a subscriber base of up to 12 million customers, helping them cement their stand as the top email marketing provider in the world.

There are alternative tools that you can use, but none of them have a solid history which dates far back to as 2001, have self-service options for you to find answers to your questions and offer a free plan to those that have less than 2000 subscribers.


HubSpot has taken the game to another level when we’re talking about software marketing solutions, and they got anything and everything that you might need.

With a business, you know that the pipeline for marketing must never be left to suffer at any point in time.

HubSpot recognises these needs and thus, offer you a barrage of services such as blogging, SEO, social media support, website development and optimisation, landing pages, email services and as well, analytics among other things.

See why you need this all-in-one provider now?


To the untrained eye, Trello is just another one of those Facebook wannabes that sprung up overnight, but this overview might be costing your business a lot.

Trello is a social media platform, true, but it is not for making friends only. It doesn’t take long to set up a board on Trello and after that, you can invite your members of staff or team members to join such boards.

Here, you can share the projects to be released before it goes live, helping everyone make a meaningful and reasonable contribution.


Social media marketing is a core and integral part of online and internet marketing, and Hootsuite offers a solution that got you covered in any and all ways.

It can be a daunting task for you to always go online at certain points in time to keep your online presence known but Hootsuite has the perfect thing for you.

You can schedule posts in advance and even take advantage of the many other services that is offered by the platform. The dashboard allows you reply to comments, interact, identify those that can influence your team and take advantage of a number of template responses in there.

Google Analytics

Google has a hand in nearly everything, and we have come to know the search engine giant for excellence in any area that they hope to venture into.

This is one of the top tools that they have leased to the general public for free, and that doesn’t make it less useful than any other analysis tool out there.

Adding the analytics code to your website doesn’t take time at all, and it allows you monitor the people that visit your website and what action they perform there.

Although seen by a lot as just a traffic tool, it can do so much more, even to the extent of seeing where your traffic comes from, what appeals to them, etc.

Spaces’ Logo Maker

There is nothing that speaks professional and volumes about a business more than its logo. It is the first thing that anyone who wants to patronize you would see and an amateurish logo is certainly a no-no for good business.

Taking advantage of the services of Spaces gives you the opportunity to get a professional logo done for your business, instead of wasting your money energy and time on hiring and instructing a designer every step of the way.


Online marketing has moved from the age of just offering content and expecting to get people stuck on you. No. These days, we have started seeing a lot of visual content that is sure to attract much more organic visitors, and it is time you keyed into this frame too.

There are a number of visual content editors on the market but there is something about Canva that makes it our favourite. It has enough tools to give your design that smooth feel while still building a professional appearance for you.

Asides from being an intuitive package, you can use your own Canva package yourself.


It is no mistake that businesses are referred to as organisations’ in some contexts because there is need for a lot of planning and organisation to make thing work. This is where Evernote comes into play.

You may have ideas at any point of time in the day and at anywhere, and it would be crucial for you to keep this idea documented somewhere safe lest you forget.

Evernote provides you with this exact kind of service while allowing you a central vault to keep all of your stored data.

The beauty of Evernote is that it’s not limited not only your laptop or desktop computer. From the comfort of your phone or tablet, you can always access Evernote services.


What your audience and customers think of you is very crucial to your growth. That is why you ned to devise a means to get them to tell you what they feel about you, how they feel you can improve and where they feel your strengths, as well as weaknesses, lie.

SurveyMonkey provides you the platform to get this kind of job one with careful y placed questions which would be analysed to generate quality data to help your business grow in leaps and bounds.

It only takes a few minutes to craft your own professional business survey questions, but the effects can last a lifetime.

Open site Explorer

There might be some things that your competitors are doing that you are not, and it would always hurt your business if you don’t find out their trade secret fast enough.

You need to understand the link profile of your online business and compare it to that of others. Since they would not necessarily give you the access to this date, you need to find a way to get it. the work is dirty, but Open site explorer doesn’t mind doing it for you.

Simply copy your competitor’s URL into the package and voila! You have a comprehensive list of all the linkbacks that they are getting, and you’re not.

Screaming frog

Whether you are a free  or premium user, the screaming frog is the best tool for crawling your web pages.

While there is version that you can pay to get, and use unlimited, they have a free software with which you can crawl up to 5000 pages, making sure that broken links are repaired in the process, redirects are audited and pages without meta data are fished out.

By the time you’re done, you would have lost a lot of small business in the wake of your blazing trail.


This is a very important marketing tool that doesn’t only find application with small businesses, but also with existing and established organisations.

Even though they limit the amount of crawlable pages with their free version, you can still get so much done with it.

The online marketing tool offers you a slew of different services such as the opportunity to duplicate content, get unique content, develop the internal and external links of your business, etc.

Actionable data such as average page size, average load time for each page to mention but a few, fully highlights the importance of this software tool.

AdWords Editor

If your business is such that constantly requires you to work on a large number of campaigns at once, and your work is based on the Google AdWords service, then an AdWords Editor is a non-negotiable tool for you.

The interface is usually redefined constantly to meet the needs of the present-day business, and to ensure that you are never out of shape/ place. Whatever you need for your work as a pay-per-click marketer is what AdWords is ready to give to you, and bulk editing has never been easier

Keyword Planner

This is from Google again, and it can do so much more than help with pay-per-click advertisers. The keyword planner helps you get the buzzwords and important keywords to drag more traffic to your work, and gives you an edge in search engine optimization.

If you are aware that Google owns the biggest search engine platform that is most widely used, and that they have contributed largely in the development of this software tool, then you should be rest assured that you are getting the best keyword service there is.

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