Top 20 Business Tools That I Use For My Online Business Everyday

20 Business Tools That I Use For My Small Business Everyday

It is quite evident that for an individual to become successful in the world of business, he/she must work smarter, rather than harder. Whether it is just a small business or a bigger one, you must create a conducive condition, for you to run your activities smoothly, and earn massively. So today in this article, twenty business tools that I use for my small business on a daily basis are going to be explained, so stay tuned and gain something.

1. MeetInBetween.

This is by far the quickest and the easiest approach for individuals to locate the appropriate central place to meet. You can find it free of charge, from their website, which is,

2. Address Two.

This is a simple CRM that enables you to manage your leads, tasks, activities effectively, organize contacts, and manage your follow-ups. With this at your disposal, you’ll be in an excellent position, to conduct your important daily activities with much ease. To access it, you just have to visit and subscribe to the provided monthly plans, which I believe are pocket-friendly.

3. Groupme.

You’ll agree with me that if you intend to thrive on your small business, you must always be available to your clients, at all times. Goupme is an app that offers group messaging for your real network life. It resembles a private chat room that uses reply-all texts messaging. Just google, and you’ll enjoy the service free of charge.

4. Freshbooks.

This particular business tool will enable you to track time more efficiently, and will additionally make you organize expenses correctly and invoice your customers. It is available on monthly plans, at

5. Workboard.

A holistic teamwork is always mandatory if you want to ensure that your business runs at its optimum level. With this particular app at your disposal, an effective team collaboration is more than guaranteed, and you’ll be in a position, as a manager, to provide feedback and set goals for your respective teams. The app can be found at, without paying a single penny.

6. Pipedrive.

Pipedrive is all about ensuring clear opportunities and visible actions. It enables you to monitor your pipeline’s strengths and weaknesses, with unmatched clarity. You’ll be able to foresee the future with unrivaled confidence, and avoid surprises. It is perfect for small teams. To access this beautiful tool, you’ll have to visit their official website, which is

7. SplashID.

SplashID will provide you with the opportunity of editing your sensitive individual information on your computer, and synchronize with a smartphone, wirelessly. It costs $19.95, and can be accessed at

8. Mighty Text.

Mighty Text is a social app that offers the opportunity to send messages from your computer; sync with your smartphone and number. Their site, which is provides an annual subscription plan, which is quite affordable.

9. Google Keep.

It is true that as a small business owner, you must safely keep your most important notes. Google keep, is a valuable tool that enables individuals to create, organize and access notes, photos, and lists quickly. It automatically stores your most essential records in Drive. The good news is that it costs nothing in getting this helpful app.

10. Snagit.

Snagit is an ultimate tool that offers you an excellent opportunity of combining your videos, images, and screenshots and share relevant information with the people who mostly need it. With this at your disposal, you’ll leave clients and co-workers wondering how you regularly respond so quickly.

11. Perch.

If you intend to stay top of your local completion, this particular app is a must have. If you didn’t know, numerous local merchants are using it to monitor what’s happening with promotions, social media, reviews and online activities of other businesses nearby. It is free, and you can access it at

12. Bit.Ly.

Bit.Ly is an online app, will allow you to shorten a long URL, share it, and track the usage afterward. There are monthly plans for this, from their site, which is

13. YesWare.

This particular tool provides the opportunity of knowing who clicks and opens your emails. You can check they opened it on a mobile or a desktop, and promptly check the status of every tracked message. You can access it freely at

14. Pocket.

Pocket offers a great option for small business owners who want to save images, videos, texts and other contents, all in one location. The tool is free, at

15. Trello.

With trello, you’ll know what project is being worked on, who is working on what project, and where a particular project is is in a process. Trello can be found, free of charge, at

16. Evernote.

Evernote, as a business tool, enables you to remember things quickly, whether small or big, by using your phone, computer, and the web. It ensures that you can easily get access to important things that can sometimes prove difficult to remember. You can get it on a premium plan, at

17. Google Alerts.

With Google alerts, just as the name suggests, you are in an ample position of getting notifications of email at any time that Google finds recent results related to a topic that interests you. Just visit, and enjoy your free service.

18. Wisestamp.

Wisestamp is extremely versatile and works on all email platforms, including, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, iPhone, Macmail and much more. It offers a free and easy email solution, an easy to add browser extension, and a fast email signature generation. The app is totally free, and you access it at

19. Join Me.

Join me offers a free, fast and a simple online meetings. With this, you can share your screen with anyone instantly. It is free, and you can find it at

20. Dashlane.

This is ultimately the best password manager and secure digital wallet available. The truth of the matter is, numerous business owners have at one time or another lost their passwords in certain situations. With Dashlane, this is a thing of the past, and you can save everything, from receipts to credit cards, in your new found digital wallet. Just log on to www.dashlane, and you’ll be able to enjoy a free service.

The Bottom line.

If you want to take your small business to the next level, the above-described business tools are essential, and you must incorporate them into your daily life. They have everything you need.


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