6 Fast Steps to Supercharge Your Blog Post Writing

6 Fast Steps to Supercharge Your Blog Post Writing

1. Stick with hot issues.

You will be most likely to attract the kind of attention you need in the online arena if you write something that is recent and newsworthy. So, instead of writing the same old topics over and over again, I recommend that you check out relevant RSS feeds and go to forums that are frequented by your blog visitors. Through this, you’ll surely be able to figure out the latest issues that they want you to talk.


2. Plan your content.

You would want your blog posts to stand out from the crowd, right? Before you start writing, visit your competitors’ blogs and determine the information that they’ve already given about your chosen topics. Your goal here is not to copy their content but to figure out how you can make your blog posts different. Target different angles and strive to offer a new set of information. By doing this, you’ll be able to give your audience a valid reason to take a look at your blog even if they have previously visited other relevant blogs.


3. Offer solutions to problems.

Encourage your visitors to share their problems on your blog. Then, by sharing a slice of your expertise, tell these people the best remedies. Doing this will help you earn the trust of your readers. It won’t take long until they plainly see you as someone who is not only knowledgeable in your chosen niche but a helpful person as well. As a blogger, you must know that this is the first step to converting them from just visitors to buying customers, right?


4. Forums and relevant blogs.

Start your day by visiting forums and blogs that are often visited by your target audience. In here, you’ll get an idea about the things that they are curious about or that information that they would like to know. You can also take benefit of social media networks that are popular among your target readers to get more ideas.


5. Keyword suggestion tools.

Find out what’s in-demand in your chosen niche by using keyword suggestion tools. Through this, you’ll get a list of new search terms often sought by your target readers. Convert these to article topics so that you can address the learning needs of your these people.


6. Share a slice of your expertise.

Some experts would charge for sharing what they know to their potential clients. Stand out from the crowd by sharing what you know for free or at least a fraction of what you know. Share insider tips, trade secrets, and your very own personal techniques. Doing this will help you make your blog more informative and more valuable to the eyes of your visitors.

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