How Long Does It Take to Rank High In Google’s Search Results?

How Long Does It Take to Rank High On Google’s Search Results?

Everyone who wants to make it in online business asks themselves this similar questions, what and how long does it take to rank in Google’s search results?

You need no magic for your website to rank high in Google neither will you ever find the answer to how long it takes.

Nevertheless there factors that influence the span required for a website to rank high.

Factors Influencing The Time Needed For A Website To Rank In Google

Google has several factors that affect ranking below are the essential ones:

1. Age Of The Domain

A site that has been running for years and has gained trust has a likelihood of higher ranking compared to new websites when the other factors tend to be similar.

The above statement does not entirely mean that a new website cannot get good rankings but it will take a bit of time.

A domain can be called new only when it is not parked for 6 six months or less after which you are likely to get traffic from the search engines.

2. Clean Domain

This factor can either be beneficial to your hard work to rank high in Google or not.

A clean domain can be defined as a website that has never been penalized by Google either in algorithmic or manual penalty.

How to test if your domain is clean?

  • (a) Get to Google webmaster tools then go to dashboard and click on “Manual Actions” from the traffic menu. If you get the message “manual webspam actions found” that only means your website is free from penalties and considered clean.
  • (b) In addition to checking manual penalties check for algorithmic penalties by logging into Google Analytics, then click on traffic sources report, choose Google as the traffic source and put the data range from the start of the year.
  • (c) Look for any sudden changes in traffic and make a comparison on the dates when these changes happened with the Google algorithm change history.

If there is a connection between the times, then it means your website was penalized, and it is only right to begin your recovery.

Note: it will be a waste of time to attempt any ranks on Google when your website is not clean because the penalty will not let you. The correct thing will be first to clean your domain or opt to start from the beginning with a new domain.

3. Competition For The Keywords To Rank In Google

Competition for popular keywords is very tight, so you need to select the keywords you need to rank wisely.

Except for the trusted and sturdy websites going for popular keywords can be very disappointing. What you need to do is aim at the keywords with little competition awaiting to get to high ranks where you can try popular keywords.

With low competition keywords, you will get high rankings which will result in traffic in your site this will lead to your website being strong and get to rank for relevant terms.

4. Type Of Content

Another major factor that will influence the time required to rank your site in Google is the sort of the content you have.

Content that is not regarded as breaking news will never rank faster in search engines.

The same way a picture of a baby prince will rank faster than the images of food allergies.

5. Selection Of Title ( Get An SEO Optimized Title)

Getting an SEO optimized title is more valuable than many give it credit for, an SEO title gives you ranks way faster compared to the non-optimized one.

Even if you have the most interesting and captivating content, but with the wrong title, you cannot make it on Google ranks at least in a short period.

Specifically for the new and not so strong websites, a good title is of great importance.

6. How Frequent You Publish Your Content

The time required to rank a new site can also be determined by how frequent you post new content. If you use a fixed schedule (it could be 2-3 times in a week), the possibility of your content getting indexed faster is high unlike when you do not post new content regularly it will take long before any search engine can find your site. Being indexed does not mean you are ranked, but it is a big step toward achieving that.

7. Quantity Of Content Found On Website

The volume of content on a website is somehow connected to the age of the domain because an article on a trusted website that has a good number of quality articles has a probability of getting high rankings faster as opposed to an article in a website containing just a few published posts.

8. Content-Length

As opposed to the thinking of many the length of content plays a great role as a ranking factor. Quite many latest studies have proven that articles with lengthy content have greater chances of higher rankings in Google than short articles.

9. Original Contents Rank High in Google

Naturally, you cannot expect to rank high on any search engine if you do not have original content.


Apart from what has been discussed earlier in this article better Google rankings do not come overnight, you will need to be very patient, update original and good quality content frequently, makes your presence felt in the social media and also get an SEO agency that is reliable.

If you practice all that no doubt your site will take a short span of time to get higher rankings in Google.

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