How to convert website visitors to subscribers and buyers?

How to convert website visitors to subscribers and buyers?

Imagine that as an entrepreneur and a budding video creator and publisher you have done all of the hard parts. You have learned your trade. You have embraced the online market and learned how to build your website. You have also built a beautiful website that showcases all of your skills and services. All of the information is on it. Luckily of you, you have also started to get visitors to the website. They come regularly and often. And yet, you have a problem. You are not getting enough people to go to the next step. They are not becoming subscribers or buyers. Failing in the last step is failing in the whole endeavor. If you find yourself in this situation this article will be your savior. Following the steps have been shown to significantly increase the conversion rates.

Faster website

This is widely regarded as the most important factor that determines customer behavior. In a hyper speed world of today, people do not have an attention span beyond a few seconds. If your website does not load within those precious few seconds, then you are probably not going to be very successful. This is even more important in the case of mobile platforms where a few seconds is also not guaranteed.

To make sure that you have a fast website, try to reduce your content to only the essentials. Having a lot of complicated content and graphics is not very useful if it does not load and nobody sees it. If required, this is worth working with a professional to get correct.

Engaging content

Try to engage your visitors with cool graphics, eye catching headlines or fascinating videos. The idea is to keep them on the website as long as you can so anything that captures their attention and does not put them to sleep is useful.

Eye catching deals

Any business is about promotion and deals are the best way to achieve this. Visitors are way more likely to become customers if they feel the deal you are offering sounds good. So it is important to always have deals on your products and services.

Case studies and customer feedback and logo galore

This might be the most important parameter that affects visitor behavior once they visit your website. Concrete examples of the work you have done for other people is always helpful in convincing them that you have what it takes to deliver for them. Even more, glowing reviews of the customers you have worked for has been found to be one of the most important factors that convince people. You can also use a logo gallery of all your customers.

Limited content to subscribers and newsletters

This is an effective technique of engagement. You can send visitors a weekly or a bi-weekly newsletter of the new services or new deals. This way you are constantly engaging with them. You can also limit some of your content to subscribers. This creates a sense of mystery that hard to ignore.

Short forms.

Finally, the last tip is to keep your website and especially your forms simple. Nothing drives away buyers like a long form they have to fill out.

What Kavit Haria’s presentation on how to turn your website visitors into subscribers below:


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