How to Use Bing to Increase Your Website Traffic By Over 45%

Bing is a search engine that was launched by Microsoft back in 2009. Although it does not hold a huge market share, the fact is that it is there and some people use it.

It is very likely that these people may very well be customers in your niche. So how do you go about reaching out to these customers?


SEO is the process to bring a website to the top rank. 

Bing is the most popular search engine being used these days. The look of Bing is nice, I really love it.

What every type on Bing search that what the output we get for every result and that’s what the other entire search engine do.

All the search Engines are same but there are such rules which you keep in your mind every time.

Bing is being developed by the innovative , new user Interface (UI) design with depth of new search opportunities.

Bing is made in such a manner it keeps the things simple and is gives new way of marketing.

Bing always have recently updated pages and comes in news as for updating information .Its update gain popularity as compared to idle pages.

It focuses on older domains for the relevance of the page Title than content.


A few days Back when Bing signs up a deal with Baidu, a popular search engine from China.

This has increased the share marketplace, to have power on SERPs English queries, this makes webmasters comfortable for this thing, Bing is well optimized.

The answer is through search engine optimization.

Luckily, most of these SEO practices for Bing are well in line with Google’s, meaning that you won’t have to do any extra work. Just follow the below-mentioned tips and you’ll be good to go.


Utilize Bing Webmaster Tool

Bing webmaster tool allows you to monitor statistics for your website. All you have to do is just signup and submit a sitemap for your website. The tool allows analysis of various statistics like click, crawls and more.

It is the hub for identifying potential problems with your website and improving on them for a higher search result ranking.

See below how you can set up Bing webmaster tool:

Click HERE to read the full instructions on how to set up Bing webmaster tool.

Watch video instruction below:


Original, Unique And High Quality Content

When it comes to content, Bing is a bit stricter than Google.

In the case of Bing content that may be of low quality, duplicated or more, is eliminated from search engine rankings altogether, as opposed to Google that indexes, but ranks them lower.

This means that you will have to be extra cautious when developing content for your web pages.

The best way to go about this is to develop highly focused content, specific to your target market. Also make sure to optimize your website for a cross-device application.


Active Social Media Presence

A major factor for Bing rankings is active on social media. Things like number of followers, likes, shares, and more, contribute much towards the final rankings for Bing.

Your focus should be on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. For a higher ranking, try to make your pages as engaging as you can.


On-Page SEO

As with Google, the same on page SEO practices apply on Bing. These include web pages with proper meta tags, meta descriptions, meta titles, alt tags, relevant keywords and more.

Keywords are extremely important for content creation, but practices such as stuffing and spamming should be avoided at all costs.

Watch videos that will help you to optimize your On-Page SEO with Bing HERE



As compared to Google, Bing places a higher weight on the geographical location of the web page.

This means that web pages optimized for the location will be ranked higher than those that are not.

Some of the indicators Bing uses include the IP address, meta GEO tags, server location, page links, back links and more.

Most companies don’t pay attention to search engine results for platforms other than Google.

We can tell you though that a good strategy is one that is holistic and leaves no stone unturned.

You never know when a little effort might bring you some amazing rewards in the form of increased customer traffic or possibly conversions.



Bing official guidelines for successful indexing document for various recommendations on technical and content issues should be read as well as came to known problems that can affect your site’s rank


Earlier SEO was used by the search engines for content signal. Bing not only takes into account the CTR but also it measures the timeframe between the click of the user for a particular search result and return SERPs.

If the total amount of time was less than a minute or a few seconds, that means the particular result is not helpful for the users.



Optimize all images and adding rich media such as video content, even articles and Press release to your site for the purposes of blended SEO.


Create a content which is for human visitors, not for the Bing web crawler. Use descriptive file and directory names, hyphens for word separators for your site pages to see the URLs.

Content should have four levels of the root so that they can submit XML site to Bing. Try not to use too much of javascript.

With this in mind, I am sure u will effectively use Bing to increase your website traffic.


Watch these 5 steps to get started with Bing Ads below: