How to Use Kissmetrics to Grow Your Online Business

How to Use Kissmetrics to Grow Your Online Business

KISSMETRICS: If you haven’t been satisfied with the progress your business has been making for a while now and you don’t have the slightest idea what to do about it? If this is the case, the solution can be to turn to a professional analytics team such as Kissmetrics.

Kissmetrics is a reputable data exhaustion company that’s been around for almost a decade. During that time, they’ve helped over 900 marketers’ business to grow with their data insights. So, if you want to make your website more profitable, check out this how to use Kissmetrics to grow your online business by Neil Patel guide and get some answers.

Get To Know Your Visitors:

Google Analytics only gives you the statistics about unique visits. However, what if a single user accesses your website from a computer, laptop, and a phone? Kissmetrics comes into play here, as it sums up all those usages into a single profile and provides you with actionable insight.

This will enable you to treat your visitors like human beings and not like visits. You will also find out things like which product features people love the most and other valuable information.

Improve Value of Your Paid Campaigns:

If you have been running multiple advertising campaigns, you’d want to know if they represent good value. This is exactly what Kissmetrics does, it helps you realize which of your paid advertising campaigns you should boost and which, on the other hand, haven’t been doing so well.

Also, be aware that sometimes people need time to decide on purchasing your product. For example, the user visited your website for the first time from a PPC campaign but didn’t convert. This might still mean that he’s interested. During the next couple of days, PPC campaign brought him to the website again but he decided to convert only the third time when he entered the address himself. These trends can be very useful for retargeting and you can easily discover them with Kissmetrics.

Track Your Revenue With Kissmetrics:

Statistical data that Kissmetrics provide doesn’t end with a conversion. Your visitors are monitored after that, and you can get valuable insights like your churn rate or a lifetime value of a particular customer. This great advice can be useful in both the short run and long run.

Kissmetrics also monitors different traffic sources and notes which of them have led to people spending the most money on your website. Once you realize where the most valued customers usually come from, you can focus on getting more conversions from that source.

Watch a Demo of How Kissmetrics Works:

This video will show you how Kissmetrics can help your business improve and grow. The video covers two areas – Analyze & Engage, and walk you through some insights Kissmetrics can provide.


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