Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

On the first mention of a new project by Tim Ferriss, it was hard to envisage diverting from the usual 4-Hour projects to a comprehensive book centered on his numerous podcast interviews. The concern was that this new project would not attain the same catchy, soul-mesmerizing characteristics of his previous projects, but if you have not read this book, then you are missing out on a whole lot of inspiration, fun, and adventure.

In this book, Tim has vastly covered interviews with numerous Megastars, celebrities and successful individuals with inclusions of the rich and famous in all areas ranging from Hollywood actors, athletes in the form of Jamie Foxx and Schwarzenegger Arnold just to name but a few and compressed all the key points into several short page sections that offer you instantly applicable ideas.

Recall those large novels you scheme through and few pages down you have forgotten what it is all about? Not with the new Tools of Titans-a straight forward read that feels like a dialogue with that one smart friend in your clique.

This book has been categorized into 3 distinct segments:

Hale and hearty (fit):

In this segment, you are treated to firsthand tips, life hacks and insight from globally-acclaimed professional athletes, doctors and researchers. If you want to get fit and have no idea what it takes or where to begin, then this book has it all for you in simple practical activities, tips, and tricks.


Most of the books that try to educate you on how to get rich are all similar and predictable: an introductory chapter characterized by one amazing idea then subsequent chapters striving to hit the point home. Nonetheless, how would you feel when the book that you are reading has a new trick, trip or significant insight on every single page? If you want to realize greater heights in your finances and business endeavors, Tools of Titans is definitely what you should be reading.


The greatest single investment you can do for yourself is learning how to access and apply knowledge for your benefit and this is the pinnacle of Tim’s new book. His vast experience and obsession with fine details all trickle down in this particular chapter. You learn how to assess and tackle challenges and problems in a broad perspective; and where else do you learn all this if not in this book?


You have just finished that Arnold Schwarzenegger box office movie and you want to get similarly muscular but don’t know where to start. Of course, you would love to ask him how to achieve it but where do you get him? If you want comprehensive answers to some of the questions you have for your favorite icons, then this book is all you need.

Imagine a book that offers you refined, evaluated and properly outlined tips, philosophies and tactics that will not only save you from frustration and futile efforts but take your financial, business and overall health to greater heights. Technology has even made it easier if you have not perused through this wonderful book, you can download the TOOLS OF TITANS BY TIM FERRISS e-book and watch your life instantly shape-up for the better.



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