Tools to Enhance Your Business Blog

Tools to enhance business blog

Business blogs are the center of overall operations of any online business and any online marketing campaign. When done in the right way, blogging for business can be used to generate huge sales leads and establish authority in online marketing. The following are proven tools that can when well employed, can enhance your business blog.

Reader-captivating headlines.

As a rule of thumb, no reader will go for a very dull or boring headline. Before on deciding on the title, ask yourself whether the headline is compelling or boring. Think of ways that can be used to make it more interesting, intriguing and more engaging.

Find the means to link your old posts to the new ones.

There is a need to always bridge the gap between recent and past posts in the mind of the reader. Through the use of links, it is possible to allow users to read deeper into related topics. Therefore, with every new post, proactively link such posts to older posts.

Relevant blog topic generators

As a blogger, there are times when finding captivating titles for your blog becomes a hard nut to crack. Luckily, many resources in the online market can be used to generate intriguing blog titles. A good example is the Portent title maker, here you just post your topic and a huge number of titles are generated. From there you can then choose the desired captivating title.

Trending topics

Trending topics, especially on Twitter, are an excellent source of the latest news and events. From local to international news, as a business blogger, you can tailor your trending topics to suit your desired needs. Grabbing the ideas promptly will not only add traffic to your blog but also raise sale leads.

Relevant content

The content of the business blog is its backbone. This means that each blog post has to relevant, informative, thoroughly readable and authentic. This can be easily achieved by interacting with readers about any questions or related issues and using reliable sources of information.

Minimal promotions

It is not advisable to be overly promotional on your business blog. You can purely rely on the power of your content to let readers visit another landing page. Keep branding to a low level of branding jargon by not try9ng to sell everything at the same time.

Commit to consistency

There’s nothing worse than getting a blog that is updated once weekly, then once per month and then after a year! The ideal step to take here is to commit to blogging a reasonable schedule and sticking to it. Breaks are necessary but such should not be too long.

Post Design Elements

The styling and the formatting of the business blog posts are just as important as the blog content. Even the very minimal items such as spacing are a thing to consider. Ensure that the general visual impression of the post is neat and well arranged.

Use of marketing distribution tools

A good example of such a device is the Everyone Social tool. The tool allows sharing of content about businesses crosswise their social platforms and networks. LinkedIn is another suitable example of an excellent marketing distribution device.


Plug-ins such as the Elevatr allows you as a blogger to generate email opt-in form that displays in different parts of your blog. Additionally, Elevatr provides webinar signup forms which will assimilate with your email list.

Tools for organizing your ideas

Before deciding on what aspect of the business to blog about, it is important to organize your thoughts I a perfect manner. Several tools are available to help a business blogger achieve this. Google calendar, for example, can be repurposed for an editorial calendar. If you are planning on having several posts, you can add a calendar event to the particular posting time. By zooming in or out of the Google calendar, you can see what you have got planned for a prearranged week, or day.

Tools to make writing easier

Instead of just heading straight to your writing editor in your blog software, you can as well think about writing in Google Docs to collaborate with others. Additionally, you can also tap into the extreme power of Google Docs in spelling and grammar checking.

Blog visual tools

In an attempt to make the business blog more visually appealing to the reader, it is necessary to use the appropriate tools for such. Memes are a great way to convey the humor and the message of the business blog at the same time. Sometimes simple memes say extra much than any other figure would. Meme Generators allow you craft a meme from scratch and add your personal saying.

Use of social media tools

The ultimate purpose of writing the business blog is to get enough audience and promote your business. Using your social media platforms is among the best ways of acquiring blog audience. Pinterest and Instagram are rising social sites that love visual content suitable for promoting a business blog online.

Embrace business blogging

Instead of just focusing on the much-needed traffic for your business blog, have fun! Blogging for a business is more than just researching keywords. It is a lot better when you embrace it and love what you do.

Award your readers

Rewarding your readers through contests and giveaways is the most familiar way of giving back to your loyal readers. However, it is necessary to be creative while doing so by doing the unexpected and excite the readers.

Product Reviews

Sharing your products reviews about your products in your business products is always necessary. It saves the users’ time in searching the internet for such. You can share positive product reviews to improve your reputation, as well as defend your business against off-putting reviews.

Tools to initiate conversations

Starting a conversation with the readers of your business blog is among the most effective ways of user engagement. Encourage the business blog audience to write their opinions, or ask questions. Always reply to any questions to persuade larger audience contribution.

Online payment tools

If your business blog promotes services or products provided by your business, ensure that consumers reading the business blog will be able to pay online at all time for the provided products and services.

Personality injection tool

Make it known to your business blog readers that your business is more than just a profit-seeking entity. Give the reader an image of who you are as individuals. Customers need to be aware that businesses are about more than just creating a profit.


Although keywords are important in business blogging, it is unnecessary to overdo them. Too much repetition of keywords is a bore to the reader


The business blog is the first thing a customer will see concerning your brand. Make the trade blog as professional as possible. Make it reflect as much as possible what the business is about.

Blog length

Do not be concerned greatly about the duration of the post. The worth of the content is more important than the length.

Content distribution tools

A tool such as Edgar is useful in re-posting from your archives. Edgar assists with promotion by connecting to all your social platforms and sharing old material on regular basis.

Get rid of the “blog” moniker.

Many readers prefer “articles” as compared to “blogs.” Use headlines such as “how to “kind of blog to increase the size of your audience.

Clear call to action

With each business blog post, have a clear call to action such as an invitation. Avoid too many calls to action and make the critical one crystal clear.

Blog design tools

Keep tools such as widgets and sidebars to a minimum. Too many of such will create distractions and make your business blog tacky.

Guest bloggers

Guest bloggers are necessary for an attempt to ensure that the content provided is right for the firm blog.

Market research

A company blog presents a quick and a rather easy way to find out about your clientele. Put up

Develop a long-standing approach of the editorial. Make use content pillars to guide the strategy and creation of the column.

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