Ways to make your content marketing generate more revenue.

Ways to make your content marketing generate more revenue.

The latest buzzwords in the marketing universe are ‘content marketing‘. It seems that everyone with a stake in Internet marketing wants to get in the ‘content marketing’ game.

The question is, “Can you make money by simply giving out information online’’ Hmmm… interesting question.

Five years ago, I was one of the skeptics. I didn’t believe that by sharing what I know to people online, I can make money more than what I made from my regular day job.

Sounds impossible, right? But it’s one reality in the World Wide Web. One can easily expect huge paychecks by helping people increase their knowledge on their areas of expertise.

Below are ways to make your content marketing generate more revenue:


1. Driving qualified prospects to your website

You can use content marketing to drive qualified prospects to your website. This is the most obvious way to make money using their strategy in the online arena.

Hundreds and thousands of internet marketers are using this as their primary traffic-generating tool.

The process is pretty simple; write articles with resource box where you can include your site’s URL and distribute them online.

You can also build your blog, create posts, and again, insert the link to your website. You can write newsletters or publish your ezine as well to promote awareness.

If your readers were happy with the information you gave out and with the quality of your content, they’d surely ask for more. That want will push them to your website.


2. Sell reports

You do not have an idea as to how many people are more than happy to spend money to learn something.

I have many friends who are shelling out $100 on eBooks about relationships and passive income.

If you have certain knowledge on things that can bring a huge difference to the lives of people from all points of the globe, I would suggest that you share your expertise and make money from it.

You’ll expect better income if you’re an expert in internet marketing, banking, and finance, relationship, health, and beauty, etc. as these are the most in-demand topics these days.


3. Write how-to guides or free courses

After getting your prospects to sign up to your email marketing list, you’ll need to send them something now and then so they will not forget about you, and so you can slowly build trust.

Why not send them how-to guides or free courses that you can distribute using your auto responders?

Again, the quality of your content will either make or break your campaign so ensure that everything is perfect before you hit that send button.


4. Offer paid webinars, teleclass, or teleseminars

If you have excellent presentation and oral communication skills, take your moneymaking quest to the next level by providing different types of seminars that you can conduct over the phone or through the internet.

As these are more expensive compared to eBooks, ensure that they contain amazing content. To increase your revenue, have your seminars recorded and sell them to your website.

Depending on the subject that you are discussing and the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, you can easily make extra dollars from this endeavor alone.


Remember, you should stick to the tried and proven methods.

New channels do not always mean that you need to reinvent your marketing messages.

You may simply have to rethink how you present them (video, images, info graphics, and copy all working together to provide a rich, unique and engaging experience).

The social media holds great promise of engaging with potential clients and keeping existing ones happy.

By leveraging quality content, an organization can reach the correct audience when, where and how they want to be addressed.


Getting what you need from content marketing is not that tough although you will need to give it ample time, effort, and lots of energy.

The key here is giving your audience exactly what they want. So, before you even start writing, know what kind of information these people are searching for when they go online.

Are they looking for a thorough explanation of those things that puzzle them? Are they looking for the best solutions to their problems? Are they looking for how-to guides? Perhaps, they are looking for answers to their provocative questions.


Well, give them whatever it is they want, and surely, they would not argue with you when you ask them to visit your website and sign up to your email-marketing list.

Don’t sit and cry for your little earning from your current job. Think about content marketing and go for it.

You will be shocked to earn a six figure salary from the simple write ups you make. All the best!


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