What Does It Really Cost to Start an Online Business?

If you’ve been thinking about starting an online business, then you’ve probably also wondered how much it would cost. It’s a fair question, and one that isn’t discussed very much. That may be due in part because it’s getting cheaper all the time; but I suspect it’s also because so many so-called gurus think they can charge higher prices if they keep their prospects in the dark.

Well, it’s time to open the windows!

There are just five things you need to start an online business.

1. You need a domain name:

Prices vary for this, but you can get one for about $4.

There are a lot of good domain names available. You just need to think creatively to find them. And if you’re stuck, some of the domain sellers will give you some suggestions.The main thing is that you want to get one that ends in.com. They cost a little bit more, but not a lot; usually less than $15. Some reputable and reliable domain sellers are Bluehost and Godddy.

2. Domain host:

If you’re brand new at this, then you might find this a bit confusing.

It’s not enough to own a domain name. It has to be put on the internet, and a web host will do that for you. Prices for this service tend to be about $10 per month, though there are services that cost more.

The most important thing is to get domain host that has 24/7 customer service. You want to be able to call them anytime or talk to them through online chat.Steer clear of those services that offer only email support.

3. Web page:

After you get a domain name, and it’s been hosted, you need a web page. Believe it or not, you can create one for free using any one of some different blog resources. In my opinion, WordPress is the best of the bunch. But you’ll have to decide for yourself which one to use.

Your domain host may offer a free one that they support. In case you decide to take your website design to an advanced level. Mythemeshop offers many already-designed templates that you can use. Another great place where you can get advanced already-website design templates or software is Themeforest. Themeforest has a community of over 7 millions people and thousands of web-designers that can design your website if you decide not to do it by yourself.

4. Autoresponder:

Autoresponders are the mechanism behind your marketing. Prices range from $10 per month and up. The actual cost will depend on the features you want and the number of subscribers to whom you send your messages. ConvertKit is a great company that provides email-autoresponder service. There are other reputable companies offering this service as well. Companies such as Aweber and Infusionsoft etc.

5. Shopping cart:

Costs vary here quite a lot. Some charge a flat rate for the cart. Others provide it for free but charge a percent on each transaction. Try ClickFunnels for their all in one service – they provide sales funnels, shopping chart, and many more.

As you can see, an online information business can be set up for less than $50, and it probably won’t cost you any more than $150 to run it for an entire year.

To sum up how to start an online business, you must realize that an online business is not a get rich scheme. You have to put in a lot of effort regularly. Try to find training from a legitimate company that can provide you with all the resources that are needed to get started on your own. Look for a community of internet marketers that have excellent support and a forum where you can get a straight up answers. Once you get the knowledge that you need to become successful pass that information on to someone else that needs it, you could even sell your new found knowledge and tips to others.




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